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  1. Determine Eligibility: Meet with a Career Counselor at your local Unemployment Office/Work Source and/or American Job Centers to find out if you qualify for funds.
  2. Referral Notice: Upon approval, your Counselor will issue you a referral notice to SMC to confirm costs and course start date. SMC must complete and sign the referral notice and return it to your counselor in order to go to the next step
  3. Training Agreement: Your WorkSource Center sends a training agreement to SMC which states that they agree to pay for your training and the terms in which payment will be remitted. The training agreement must be signed by the SMC’s approving director and be returned to your WorkSource center for final signature.
  4. Fully Executed Training Agreement: After the WorkSource Center places its final signature on the agreement they send a copy to SMC. The agreement confirms that their client can begin training as outlined in the agreement.
  5. SMC will register you in your course and send you a confirmation via email.




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