Phlebotomy FAQ

  1. What is the ratio of graduates passing the state/national exams?
  2. Upon completion of the Classroom portion of the course – you will be required to only take one Certification exam. It is a National Exam through the NHA. It will be offered on the Santa Monica – Bundy Campus within approximately 2 weeks of the last day of class. In order to sit for the exam you must receive a 75% or higher in the class. To pass the National exam, you must also receive a 75% or higher on the exam…Right ow our passing rate of the National exam is 97% of our student are passing on their first attempt.

  3. Where are the externship generally done at?  
  4. Our externship sites are usually Medical Offices, Clinics, urgent care centers and hospitals. The majority of sites are clinics and doctors offices. The State of California requires that we place you WITHIN 30 miles of your campus. 30 miles can be quite a distance, but we usually place students WITHIN 10-15 miles of the campus. Please keep in mind, there may or may not be an externship exactly in the city you live….

  5. Is this the sort of program/certificate hospitals (like UCLA and/or Kaiser) look for in hiring a Phlebotomist?
  6. Yes. Upon completion of the course, you will have at least 3 certificates:

  7. Do you offer some help with employment opportunities after the students pass the exam?
  8. There is still much more to after passing the exam before your would be able to get hired. You need to pass the class, pass the national exam, complete the 40 hour externship AND THEN apply for your CPT1 license from the State of California. ONCE YOU GET YOUR CPT1 LICENSE, then you are employable. Without that, you cannot get hired…

    With that being said, we do help students in class with resume building, interview questions and point you in the right direction as to where you can or should apply. We cannot guarantee a job – but we do affiliate with many companies that turn to us when they are looking for licensed Phlebotomists. If you take the course, and upon receiving your CPT1 License, please save my email address and feel free to reach out to me personally. I get many inquires from professional colleagues that ask if I have any licensed phlebotomists looking to work.

  9. Are there any prerequisites for this program? 
  10. Yes. You need to be at least 18 years old and have a High School diploma/GED/Equivalency or have completed at least 21 units of College General ED credits. The state of California will also be performing a background check, so if you have any felonies and/or misdemeanors, I would recommend you contact the State of California to see if you would be able to obtain a CPT1 license.